You may have heard of the phrase ‘pre-emptive care’, usually in terms of car maintenance. It’s the process of doing little repairs and general maintenance work at regular intervals, rather than leaving everything until it falls apart. The idea behind it is simple – it keeps everything running smoother for longer, and makes repairs much cheaper if they do happen. But while a lot of people do this for their cars, very few do it for their homes. But preventative maintenance on your home can be the difference between it holding or even increasing its value or reducing the amount you can sell it for in the future. Want to know why?

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

With a car, preventative maintenance includes changing oil, re-gassing air conditioning and other little things, none of which you can do with a home. Instead, preventative maintenance at home includes small and big jobs, ranging from cleaning out guttering to having your boiler serviced. It’s all the little things that keep the inside and outside of your home in tip top condition, preventing any major disasters or repair work from being needed. It means no scrambling around to fix things when they fail, and a lot cheaper as well. You can do these things yourself, or you can get a professional to undertake them for you.

Saving Money

Emergency or rush repairs are expensive. But many of the emergency jobs we are called out for could have easily been prevented with a little maintenance and care months or even years previously. Many of these small repairs can be done by the home owners, cutting costs significantly. Having to spend money on replacement appliances, rectifying flood water damage, or treating dry or wet rot is usually much more costly than preventative maintenance. For example – regularly rodding your drains and cleaning out gully’s can prevent the build-up of debris and fat. This simple task will leave drains free flowing and prevent them from becoming blocked, a common cause of flooding within the home, saving you inconvenience, time and the cost of rectifying the damage.

Decrease Downtime

Preventative maintenance tasks can also reduce the amount of time parts of your home are out of action. Because you can arrange them to fit in with your schedule (as they aren’t urgent), you can choose times when the repairs will have the lowest impact on your household. Not having any heating or hot water can be very unpleasant, but if you can organise repairs for when the services aren’t needed, it makes it much easier on everyone in your household. If possible, you can arrange for certain trades to provide regular maintenance contracts, so you don’t even have to remember to arrange and do them.

Avoid Depreciation

Depreciation hits the value of your car the second you drive it away from the showroom. Thankfully, this is very different for homes and other property. In fact, some people have been able to increase the value of a property the moment they close on it. Try that with a car! One of the big advantages of preventative maintenance is the ability to maintain or increase the value of your home – the more you maintain it, the more you will get back when it’s time to sell. If nothing else, preventative maintenance should be seen as protecting the biggest investment you will ever make.

At Goodyer, we help homeowners understand what they need to do to care for their homes in the long and short term. This includes identifying problems when they are still small, and providing guidance and repair work to stop them becoming big problems down the line. To find out more about our preventative maintenance services, or just to get some advice, get in touch with our team today.