A: We are your insurers approved repairer and have been appointed by your insurance company to carry out the remedial works to your home.

A: Your insurers may ask us to collect your policy excess on their behalf. You should already have been notified of the amount owed. Payment can be made by:

BACS transfer
Sort Code : 16-19-22 Account no: 10053111

Credit / debit card
Contact our office on the number above.

Payable to Goodyer Ltd.

Please ensure you quote your claim reference number on all payments.

A: If you cannot pay your excess for whatever reason, please contact your insurance company to advise them. Please note we are unable to start any work or leave any equipment at your property until the excess payment has been received or have been instructed by your insurers otherwise.
A: We will contact you to arrange a visit to your property by one of our Claims Managers. He will discuss and assess the work required and then prepare a “schedule of work” / “scope document” and submit this to your insurers for approval. NB: No works can start until approval has been given by your insurers.
A: Only repairs required to reinstate your home to the condition it was before your damage occurred.
A: You must contact your insurance company/ representative to discuss the works, as we are not authorised to discuss scope issues.
A: Regrettably, our agreement with your insurance company precludes us from carrying out additional private works.
A: Additional minor damage occurring in a previously scheduled room will normally be carried out. If there is significant damage or damage affecting additional rooms, you should contact your insurance company asap.
A: Once we have received approval from your insurance company that works can commence, we will contact you to discuss a start date. Material choices must also be provided before works can commence where applicable.
A: We cannot guarantee dates won’t change due to the nature of our work, however we will keep you informed if we have to change anything.
A: We try to estimate the duration based on our experience of the agreed scope of works. However, this could change due to a number of factors e.g additional unforeseen works, weather conditions, etc
A: Dependent on the required works, ideally we will require two areas to be made available at a time preferably one area being inside. Weather permitting; we would normally undertake the external and internal work at the same time. We would generally start at the top of the property and work down.
A: Our work is invariably dusty. Please remove light furniture, soft furnishings, fragile or valuable items and electrical goods from the work area. Pictures should also be taken down (picture hooks will be left in place unless we are specifically asked to remove them).
A: Yes – unless your property is deemed uninhabitable by your insurer. i.e if your kitchen or bathroom are out of use for long periods of time. We regularly work in properties that are occupied and will try, within reason, to accommodate any special requirements you may have.
A: We cover floors with a heavy duty polythene membrane secured to the floor or carpet with a low tack adhesive tape. Impact resistant protection will be used for wooden and ceramic flooring and heavy furniture that is left in the work area will be covered with dust sheets and polythene.
A: Reinstatement will be carried out on a like for like basis. Joinery i.e skirting, dado rails, picture rails, etc will not normally be redecorated unless it forms part of the schedule of works.
A: Please contact your insurance company or their representative for advice before the works begin.
A: Please let us know in advance. We will provide an estimate and if acceptable you will be asked to sign an acceptance / order form and return it together with full payment in advance of the works starting.
A: No – However, please provide us with your choices before your arranged start date, as this could delay your works if not received. We will require the supplier/manufactures reference numbers, along with any British Standard number where possible.
A: The onsite repairers should be able to answer any queries relating to the works while at your property. However, if you need further details your Claims Manager who initially visited your property can be contacted or call us in the office and we will try and help where we can.
A:  Please discuss this initially with the repairers on site. If you are not happy to do this, contact your Goodyer Claims Manager or call our office Tel: 01923 281 111 . We would prefer to deal with any issues as they arise, to minimise any further disruption to your home.

A: You will be asked to complete and sign a “Satisfaction Note”. You are not being asked to satisfy yourself to the structural adequacy of the works, only to confirm that the works have been completed to an acceptable standard.
A: Generally this is due to plaster shrinkage causing hairline cracks between new and old plaster. Some minor cracking may occur due to differential thermal movement. This type of cracking is cosmetic and quite normal. If you are still concerned and suspect further movement, contact your insurers/representative for advice.

Escape of water claims

A: Drying can take anything from one to several weeks dependent on the severity of damage, the building fabric and the amount of water absorbed. The length of time the equipment is left running will also influence drying time.
A: The equipment used consumes a similar amount of energy to a domestic fridge. As an example a large dehumidifier would cost approx. £1.50/day. Your insurer would normally reimburse you for the additional electricity whilst our equipment is at your property.
A: A specialist drying technician will visit around once a week to monitor the drying progress. When the property is declared dry a certificate will be issued.
A: Your reinstatement work cannot commence until a drying certificate has been issued. Once this has been received we will contact you to arrange a date to start the works.