BlueHouse Services are now able to offer a coronavirus Covid-19 sanitation service for all non-health care premises, either where a case of Covid-19 has occurred or as a precautionary measure.

The process includes virucidal sanitisation of all surfaces, including floors, work tops, door handles, computer equipment etc, followed by full fogging with OXYL-PRO Steri Klenze*, using a purpose made hand held applicator, to reach surfaces that would normally be inaccessible. On completion the room is left for one hour to allow the product to dry and dissipate, after which the room can be reused in the knowledge that it is free of bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens. A full report including photographs identifying the areas disinfected will be provided.

* What separates OXYL-PRO Steri Klenze from other disinfectants is in the unique formulation. It contains all food-safe ingredients. Only aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide is used as the base product and food safe stabilisers are used to create an encapsulated molecule. These molecules only activate and open on contact with specific biological markers, which leads to the hydrogen peroxide only being released when and where necessary. The disinfectant remains active for up to four days following application.

All works are carried out safely and using the appropriate PPE, as per the attached risk assessment and method statement.

For more information call BlueHouse Services on 01923 281120 or for emergencies 07718 273299